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Our Economy & Society (part 2)

CHAPTER TWO: The Evolution of Idiots

Scientists believe that humans are the grand result of billions of years of evolution. I can't explain the entire theory of evolution here, but it can be summarized this way:

Theory of Evolution (summary)
First, there were some amoebas. Deviant amoebas adapted better to the environment, thus becoming monkeys. Then came your average working class Joe.
I'm leaving out some details, but the theory itself also has a few holes that are best left unquestioned.

Anyway, it took us many years to get to this lofty level of evolution. That leisurely pace of change was okay because there wasn't much to do except sit around and hope you didn't get eaten by wild pigs. Then somebody fell on a sharp stick and the spear was invented. That's when the trouble started.
I wasn't there, but I'm willing to bet that some people said the spear would never replace fingernails as the fighting tool of choice. The nonconformists probably hurled bad names at the spear-users -- names like "moog" and "blinth." (this was before the merchant marines had been created, so swearing wasn't very good yet.)
But "diversity" was not celebrated back then, and I expect the "Say no to the spear" people finally got the "point" if you catch my drift.
The good thing about a spear is that almost everybody could understand it. It had basically one feature: the pointy end. Our brains were equipped for this level of complexity. And not just the rains of the intelligentsia either--the common man could find his way around a spear too. Life was good, save for the occasional plague and the fact that the average life expectancy was seven...and the fact that you'd be praying for death after the age of four. But almost nobody complained about confusing the spears were.

Suddenly (in evolutionary terms) some deviant went and built the printing press. It was a slippery slope after that. Two blinks later and we're switching batteries in our laptops while streaking through the sky in shiny metal objects in which soft drinks and peanuts are served.
I blame sex and paper for most of our current problems.  here's my logic: only one person in a million is smart enough to invent a printing press. So when society consisted of only a few hundred apelike people living in caves, the odds of one of them being a genius was fairly low. But people kept having sex, and with every moron added to the population, the odds of a deviant smarty-pants slipping through the genetic net got higher and higher. When you've got several million people running around having sex a-la-carte, the odds are fairly good that some pregnant ape-mom is going to squat in a field someday and pinch out a printing-press-making deviant.

Once we had printing presses, we were pretty much doomed. Because then, every time a new smart deviant came up with a good idea, it would get written down and shared. Every good idea could be built upon.  Civilization exploded. Technology was born. The complexity of life increased geometrically. Everything got bigger and better.
Except our brains.

All the technology that surrounds us, all the management theories, economic models that predict and guide our behaviour, the science that helps us live to eighty--it's all created by a tiny percentage of deviant smart people. The rest of us are treading water as fast as we can. The world is too complex for us. Evolution didn't keep up. Thanks to the printing press, the deviant smart people managed to capture their genius and communicate it without having to pass it on genetically. Evolution was short-circuited. We got knowledge and technology before we got intellingence.

We're a planet of nearly seven billion dumbasses living in a civilization that was designed by a few thousand amazingly smart deviants.

Our Economy & Society

I spent the better part of Anthropology class writing this. It's a small collection of my opinions about our society.
I though it was hilarious when I was finished:

CHAPTER ONE: The Role of Intelligence in the Economy & Society

I don't know why the Economy works, but I'm sure it isn't because brilliant people are managing it. My guess is that if you sum up all the absurd activities of producers, the idiocies somehow cancel out, thus producing cool things that you buy, such as Nerf balls and Snapple. Add the law of supply and demand to the mix, and you've pretty much described the whole theory of economics.

The world has become so complicated that we're all bluffing our way through the day, hoping we're not unmasked for the dumbasses we really are. I see the world as an endeavor, populated by people who struggle every minute to rationalize the silly things they do.

It's not the business world that brings out our idiocy, but it might be the place where we notice it the most. In our personal lives, we tolerate bizarre behaviour. It even seems normal (of course, this depends on what you classify as "bizarre" and "normal"). But in society, we think everyone should be guided by logic and rational thinking.

I find great humor in the fact that we ever take ourselves seriously. We rarely recognize our own idiocies, yet we can clearly identify the idiocies of others. That's the central tension of society:

We expect others to act rationally even though we are irrational.

It's useless to expect rational behaviour from the people we interact with, or anybody else for that matter. If you can come to peace with the fact that you're surrounded by idiots, you'll realize that resistance is futile, your tension will dissipate, and you can sit back and have a good laugh at the expense of others.


In chapter two, I will talk about the evolution of idiots. xD
Reality is often regarded as a very simple concept to grasp. In its widest sense, it is everything that is, whether or not it is observable or comprehensible. Reality in this sense includes being and sometimes is considered to include nothingness, as well.

However, one does not often realize that there are things that can prevent us from seeing our actual reality. The senses can be fooled by this projection of information that creates the reality around us. Similar to how psychoactive drugs effect one's perception of reality, there are certain aspects of human nature that can alter and prevent the way we see reality.

Emotions for example can play a large part in preventing us from seeing reality. One can be completely encompassed by an emotion to the point of blindness.

Another thing that can prevent us from seeing reality is a possible situation like the Allegory of the Cave as envisioned by Pluto.
Plato imagines a group of people who have lived chained in a cave all of their lives, facing a blank wall. The people watch shadows projected on the wall by things passing in front of a fire behind them, and begin to ascribe forms to these shadows. According to Plato, the shadows are as close as the prisoners get to seeing reality. He then explains how the philosopher is like a prisoner who is freed from the cave and comes to understand that the shadows on the wall are not constitutive of reality at all, as he can perceive the true form of reality rather than the mere shadows seen by the prisoners.
Is it not possible for one to be "stuck in the cave"? How would one truly know what is reality?
- - - - - - - - - -
There is a teaching in Buddhism that says
“There are two kinds of disease. What are those two? Physical disease and mental dis­ease. There are people who enjoy freedom from physical disease for a year or two… even for a hundred years or more. But rare in this world are those who enjoy freedom from mental disease even for one moment, except those who are free from mental defilements”
This quote basically refers to the benefits and blessings of meditation, teaching its physical and mental benefits as well as its spiritual value. One can escape the blindfolds that conceal true reality through meditation; enlightenment of the mind.


I just inherited a crate of my step-mom's classic rock records. Apparently she doesn't use them anymore and has all her music on CDs now anyway!

Included in the collection are The Beatles (every single album made), Pink Floyd, The Police, The Specials, Madness, The Who (every single album made), Stevie Nicks, John Lennon, Simon & Garfunkel, AND A FEW HUNDRED MORE!!!

happy ALL MINE!!!!!!! I think I've found heaven.

There's also a bunch of stuff I don't like, I think I'll try and sell some of it off.


I feel so alone...
I'm so intertwined in other peoples lives, but I crave a deeper connection then my friends or family can provide for me.
I'm missing a lover, my other half.
I know he's out there somewhere!

A little while ago I met the perfect girl.
She's so rad, and I still love her to bits, but it didn't work out dating-wise.
I just can't deal with women.
I want a MAN in my life.

I'm not looking for reason, not trying to understand.
Just trying to get by without a second glance.
The people get philosophical and say there is no future.
But goddamn, I'd just like a shout out from the world.
I've been holding my breath for too long now, trying to float away.
For once I want something to hold onto, not something that will make me fly.

--and then I breathe.

Epic fail

There is an intense storm going on here.
My neighbour just had a tree fall on his roof and collapse part of it.

I love nature and it's awesome power.

Transcending To Out of Space!

I want off of this world!
Even though it's so enormous, I feel so restricted!
I'm totally feeling like a fish in a tank! D:

If there was ever a shuttle to outer space to start a new colony on an uninhabited world, I'd be on it.
- - - - - - - - - -
Why do I feel like such an alien on my home planet?

I wish I knew... D:

The Brainwasher


This is all I hear when I listen to the people of today; brainwashed drones is all I see when I look into the corrupt societies of today.
The world is afraid of the unknown.  I get that, fine. Put all your faith in an unproven entity if you want;


Criminals are classified as people who basically get on the wrong side of the Establishment.
I say that the true
criminals are the people who can't open THEIR FUCKING MINDS to the chance that maybe the governments and laws of today are not as stabilizing as they seem.  Sure, we must follow laws and the government because if we don't, people forcibly TAKE OUR LIVES from us by throwing us in Jail.  But is that truly the way our world should live and run?

Sure, the establishment works well, sure, religion still influences the majority of people in the world, but is sure doesn't fool me.
I like to think of the possibilities of how this world would have become if religion and government were not introduced to it.
Alternate realities, if you would.
To me, they seem a hell of a lot better then this brainwashed world we live in today.
- - - - - - - - - - -
Why can I not accept our world for what it is?

The probability of this universe even BEING, let alone our world being what it is today is a near complete IMPOSSIBILITY. Yet somehow, everything IS.

I'm going to a friends cottage for a week, and we're gunna party it up HARDCORE.

We are bringing up:
-an ounce of
-a 60 of Bacardi Gold
-a draught/mini keg of Heineken
-8 tabs of fine LSD
-3.5 grams of Ketamine
-tons of junkfood and movies